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Free small business coaching sessions.

Are you struggling to get your business up and running? Receive personalized guidance from a certified business consultant on various topics, from financials to marketing to operations. 


If you want a smooth and organized launch,
you will need a professional team

Business ownership is a team sport- hire King's Dream Team! We have extensive, specialized technical training and a huge heart for the small business owners of America. Our services are guaranteed to get you the most results for the least amount of capital investment.

The American Dream

Though we are headquartered in our Seattle hometown, our team of American business builders is located across the United States. We are committed to supporting American companies and jobs. 

Small budget-friendly

To protect our client's cash flow- the leading cause of business closure- our monthly fixed-rate invoices are personalized with your budget in mind and no long-term commitment.

Inclusive Economies

Our client's profits and programs support their local economies. By empowering entrepreneurship we foster innovation to benefit all members of the community.

Culturally Conscious

As one of the country's only certified Black-owned small business consulting firms, King's Dream knows how important cultural considerations are for our diverse clientele.

Business coaching for small business startups.

We offer two free 30-minute business coaching sessions for new entrepreneurs looking to begin their small business journey but not sure where to start.


Get your questions answered on the following topics:

    Human resources (hiring, firing & compliance)
    Business planning and strategy
    Marketing and communications
    Business tax and legal structure

    Accounting and bookkeeping solutions 
Financials and revenue modeling

    Commercial space and leases
    Strategic partnerships
    Buying or selling a business
    Licenses, permits, insurance & compliance
➤    Sales and distribution channels

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About Us

The nation's only neighborhood business consulting and management firm.

Established in 2019, King's Dream Business Consulting was formed as a direct response to Seattle's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its diverse business districts. After providing vital, affordable business growth services to help companies pivot online, King's Dream is now focused on developing flourishing local economies. 


Let's get you started.


Ready to begin?

Book a 30-minute consultation and discover what our team can do to help grow or launch your brand.

Jawan Harris, Principal Consultant

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