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About us

The Nation's Neighborhood Business Builders.

Small Business Advocates, Activists & Architects.

Founded in 2019, King's Dream Business Consulting is a small business consulting and management firm established initially in response to Seattle's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its minority business communities. As of today, KDBC is dedicated to building capacity and reducing barriers for America's small business owners to be competitive in a digital ecosystem. 


Expand Without Limits

Scale locally, nationally, or across the globe.

Our team of small business consultants is not new to developing leading brands and with our budget-friendly cost, we have reduced the barriers for our clients to compete on a global stage.

We leverage technology, data, and corporate strategy with respect to cultural identity to narrow in on your target community.

Small Businesses Served to Date:





EST. 2019

The Vision & Mission

Supporting inclusive, micro-economies.

King's Dream Business Consulting envisions building sustainable, circular, inclusive micro-economies across America. 

We are committed to providing vital modernization, technical assistance, and business consulting services at an equitable rate to reduce the barriers to business success. Especially systemic barriers used to oppress marginalized business communities for centuries. Every American citizen has a right to business ownership and the pursuit of The Dream.

The King's Dream Difference

We treat your business like it's ours because it is.

Your investment with King's Dream Consulting is an investment in growing your business. Our invoices are personalized with your specific budget and market in mind. Give your business a competitive advantage and work with a community-based organization.


The American Dream

Though we are headquartered in our Seattle hometown, our team of American business builders is located across the United States. We are committed to supporting American companies and jobs. 

Small budget-friendly

To protect our client's cash flow- the leading cause of business closure- our monthly fixed-rate invoices are personalized with your budget in mind and no long-term commitment.

Inclusive Economies

Our client's profits and programs support their local economies. By empowering entrepreneurship we foster innovation to benefit all members of the community.

Culturally Conscious

As one of the country's only certified Black-owned small business consulting firms, King's Dream knows how important cultural considerations are for our diverse clientele.

Vision & Mission

Certified, Black-owned Small Business Consulting Firm in Seattle.

Core Values

This is what we value, and how we provide value to you.

1. Save Time

Our chosen agile entrepreneurship methodology means we trim the fat of business development and move like there's money on the line! We prioritize tasks based on revenue return to avoid staying at the start line.

2. Save Money

Our rates are equitable and personalized to each client we bill. With the leading cause of business failure being poor cash flow, our clients pay affordable fixed monthly retainers or per-project milestone.

3. Build Business

Our first priority is building sustainable business models and operations. To build your business we leverage technology, market data, and our collective years of servicing business owners directly.

4. Build Community

Business is people. For your small business to be viable and gain market share, we will connect you to your target audience, wherever they are. Our services are designed to build a community behind your brand.

Core Values

Meet The Team

The Neighborhood Business Builders.

King's Dream consultants are located and based across the United States. Aside from technical business expertise, all service providers and affiliates are selected from diverse backgrounds to reflect the unique blend of cultures that make up our neighborhood businesses.

Meet The Team

Jawan Harris.

Founder, Principal Consultant

Born and raised in South Seattle, Jawan established King's Dream Business Consulting in 2019 as a response to the city's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its Communities of Color. Jawan's professional background comprises automated logistics earned serving in the Armed Forces, a decade of high-volume multi-location market management, territory sales management, and a degree in retail management from American Military University. Jawan's ethos: "To advance micro-economies by arming oppressed groups with financial freedom." In other words: The freedom to create jobs, develop social programs, own assets, build companies, spend more time with loved ones, maintain wellness, protect culture, determine your destiny, and live a meaningful dignified life.

Anthony Parnell

Anthony Parnell.

Small Business Consultant

As owner of The Entrepreneurs Apex, Anthony works directly with Entrepreneurs and C.E.O.s from a broad range of industries to help them develop and implement strategies for increasing their company's revenue, profitability, and efficiency. This also includes developing business plans and investor proposals and guiding companies through successful start-ups and expansion.

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Melanie Hartman, MBA.

Small Business Consultant

Melanie Hartman is a marketing, sales, and innovation-focused executive with 15 years experience. She has spent half of those years working in the corporate sector leading Fortune 100 brands in the digital landscape. The rest of her professional time has been spent working with small business owners to assist them in building strong digital foundations using growth marketing, sales enablement and innovative strategies. She holds an MBA in digital entrepreneurship. 

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Zaida Velazco.

Website Design & Developer

Product Designer, Zaida, specializes in UX/UI design, Front-End web development, and graphic design. Zaida has designed a fleet of mobile apps, websites, and branded graphics to help small and large clients own their digital space with creative yet functional designs that consider their unique objectives.


Marlanna Brooks.

Account Relationship Manager - East

Accredited in sales, marketing, real estate, and finance, Marlanna Brooks holds herself to the highest standard in ethics and business practices, with over 20 years in corporate business.  Her affiliations include American Management Services, MJ Management, the Marriott Corporation, the City of Mableton, Inmark Packaging, Bluegreen, and LPI Corporations. Marlanna holds an M.B.A. from Beulah Heights University and a Global Leadership and Business Administration B.A. 

She was named Cambridges Who’s Who among Businesswomen and Community Leaders 2013, Multi-Million Dollar Producer 2006, MVP in Sales 2016-2021, Engagement and Relations Certified Leader 2018, Top Leader 2017, and Rookie of the Year 2002.  As a Mentoring Leader, Marlanna states, “Fulfilling purpose is not just for a reward of accomplishment, but leaving a positive impact in local and surrounding communities.”


Kati Trejo, MGH.

Project Administrator

Kati possesses exceptional skills in the area of continual process improvement and management of administrative functions, from gathering client feedback to originating personalized financial reports to help stakeholders succeed. Kati's tireless efforts behind the scenes ensure that our systems operate optimally, allowing the team to provide the best possible service to local businesses in the community.

Tanya Headshot Nov 2020_edited.png

Tanya Rivera-Falcone.

Small Business Consultant

Tanya Rivera-Falcone is a distinguished business coach and leadership expert with over 17 years of experience in corporate sales, management, and marketing. She has generated over $120 million for Fortune 250 companies and influenced the growth of more than 500 professionals and entrepreneurs. As the founder of Massive Brand Consulting and the innovative sales and marketing software, Bossly, Tanya assists small businesses in devising effective marketing strategies, driving organizational efficiency, and building high-performance teams. Tanya is also a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and advocate against domestic violence.

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Alesha Faulkner.

Social Media Manager

Alesha is a savvy lifestyle and business content creator who has spent the last eight years honing her skillset across all leading social media platforms. Alesha has helped clients champion their social presence while reaching over 25,000 followers for her professional brand. Faulkner earned a Master's in Economics at the University of North Carolina.

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Brianna Thompson.

Marketing Consultant

Having earned her Bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, Brianna offers five years of applied digital marketing expertise gained serving both small and established businesses. Brianna specializes in ghostwriting, copywriting, conversions, creating personalized lean marketing plans, and social
media management across the major platforms.

kings dream business consulting

Rachel Estes.

Content Writer

A University of Illinois at Chicago alum, Rachel has over five years of experience in web copywriting. She has worked with small and established brands to boost their online presence through written content. She has scribed pieces in various niches – from finance, education, travel, relationships, lifestyle, and hobbies. Rachel is a dedicated storyteller and strives to elevate companies’ voices through web copies that people can relate to and learn from.  

Ashley headshot.jpeg

Ashley Sherrod, MBA, PMP.

Project Coordinator

Ashley Sherrod is a highly proficient, driven business and IT consultant with over ten years of experience in infrastructure operations, information security, project management, software development, and mobile application development. Ashley is a Subject Matter Expert with experience in business consulting, auditing, risk/compliance, e-commerce, and government engagements.

Tiffany Nance

Tiffany Nance, MBA.

Small Business Consultant

Tiffany Nance is a small business consultant and TDN Training and Consulting owner. With over 20 years of experience in management and finance, she brings a wealth of knowledge in management, coaching, banking, and delivering financial education to individuals and businesses. Tiffany holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Management and Organizational Development from Bethel University.


Victor Garcia, SPHR. 

Human Resources Consultant

HR leader and talent management expert, Victor Garcia, drives organizational success through innovative HR initiatives. Victor has over ten years of expertise in talent acquisition and retention, HR compliance, benefits administration, and performance management. Victor is proficient in designing and executing HR policies and procedures, forging robust relationships with both internal and external
stakeholders, and adeptly handling employee relations challenges consistently leading to heightened
employee satisfaction and engagement.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 3.50.27 PM.png

Kate O'Connor.

Brand Strategist & Designer

Kate O'Connor is a consulting Brand Strategist and Brand Designer with over 10 years of experience. Having gained her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the Queensland University of Technology, she is passionate about developing robust, intentional, and unforgettable brands. Kate has worked on branding projects across almost every industry - from tech, beauty, and real estate to luxury fashion and beauty. Her approach to design is deeply rooted in strategic insight, and her strategic thinking is underpinned by excitement for research and the drive to identify trends and patterns. Kate is dedicated to working with small businesses to build brands with impact. 


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