"Start   where you are, with what you have.

Make something of it and never be satisfied .  "

-G. Washington Carver

  about us.  

Founded in Seattle's King county, King's Dream Business Consulting LLC., is the leading Black-owned, affordable small business development and coaching firm. 

 King's Dream prides itself on the promise to implement modern business solutions both ethically and economically, using the patented 

"Community. Culture. Sustainability" business model.

The firm was established in December of 2019 by current owner and Principal Consultant, Jawan Harris, as a direct response to the city's ballooning gentrification and corresponding economic displacement of its indigenous People of Color.

his dream

                our reality.

American Civil Rights Movement activist and martyr, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, was ignited by his dream for racial equality and intracommunity equity. 

King's celebrated success was in bridging organizational disparities among African-American political factions, institutions, congregations and allies across the country in the name of civil liberty.

King's Dream encompasses the dreams and principals of activist like King by vowing to conduct business ethically and economically to continue strides towards closing racial gaps in American enterprise.


2019 at a glance.​

  • Today in America, there are 30.2 million small businesses

  • Each month an average of 543,000 new businesses are started

  • 82% of companies fail because of cash flow problems

  • 73% of small business owners are male

  • 71% of small business owners are White

  • Women of color own 47% of all women-owned businesses 

  • Minorities own 45% of small businesses

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our approach.


  King's Dream offers a modern approach to every day small business issues and solutions at an affordable per-project price  

Offering business owners and nonprofits diverse  and flexible service selections

to guarantee all services rendered are directly linked to maximizing profits and cutting expenses. 

The firm believes dramatically reducing the cost of small business consulting will free business owners and organizations up to focus more on growing the business and outsource the boring stuff to consultants!

Agile Entrepreneurship

The firm fully embraces the agile entrepreneurship framework methodology in EVERY project regardless of scope, budget, timeline or team. 

Tenets of agile entrepreneurship include: 

  • Prioritizing tasks that generate revenue first

  • Reducing time spent of menial tasks and projects

  • Elements of scrum (sprint, product backlog, daily stand up, etc.)

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Consultants will utilize both quantitative statistical analysis and interpretive qualitative research methods appropriately to engineer business solutions supported by data and customer engagement. 

our responsibility.







Due in part to the racial wealth gap in America,
King's Dream recognizes improving monetary growth and cash flow within organizations of color, women and the socially or economically disadvantaged, maximizes their opportunity to remain competitive in a tech savvy market.

Minority-owned firms, though owning 45% of small businesses, are still disproportionately less likely to receive essential small business loans to their White counterparts. According to the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency, the disparity is inextricably linked to minority-owned organization's urbanized locations, poor or little credit history and lower net worth- with an average of only $35k to the White business owner's working capital of $106k

(Weitz, 2018). 

Equity & Diversity 

Being a minority-owned entity, our stance on equity and diversity is simple:

achieving measurable results in the underserved and underfunded minority business realm requires engagement from owners and organizations alike.

We feel strongly about our competency to meet the diverse needs of operating a small to medium-sized business with consultants that have a pulse in the community and strategize with value-adding at the forefront of all provided services. 

To maximize the rate in which communities of color are afforded the opportunity to buy and invest back into their homes, companies, congregations, non-profits, etc.,  we must all contribute to organically preserving culture and building equitable relationships on a neighborhood level.

Culture & Community