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Business Financial Consulting.

Improve your business's financial performance and make more informed decisions by hiring King's Dream Business Consulting. This includes creating realistic budgets, forecasting cash flows, feasibility studies, and developing strategies to manage and secure financial resources.


If you want to succeed in business,
you will need a trusted business advisor

Are you a small business owner looking for a skilled team to help you grow your business? Look no further than King's Dream Business Consulting!


We understand that owning a business can be a lonely, unpredictable, and costly experience. Our team of experienced small business consultants can help you overcome the obstacles that are hindering your company's growth. We offer customized business consulting and management services that are tailored to your company's unique mission, brand, value proposition, cultural identity, and goals. Each consulting plan is designed to deliver the maximum targeted result with the least capital investment.

Why hire a small business consultant?

Small Business Consultant Perks.

Achieve Your American Dream

Hire King's Dream Consulting to turn your American dream into reality. Let us guide your business towards financial stability and generational wealth.

Small budget-friendly

To protect our client's cash flow, which is the leading cause of business closure, we personalize our monthly fixed-rate invoices according to your budget, regardless of its limitations.

Creating Inclusive Economies

By working directly with neighborhood businesses, we help reduce entry barriers that prevent underserved business districts from contributing to the local economy.

Culturally Conscious Consultancy

As one of the country's only certified Black-owned small business consulting firms, King's Dream recognizes the significance of cultural considerations for our diverse clientele

Financial consulting for small businesses.

Poor cash flow management is the leading cause of business closures of all sizes. Small business owners must have sustainable revenue models and proper cost controls to avoid scaling to $0. Hire King's Dream Business Consulting to thoroughly analyze your financial situation, including reviewing financial statements, cash flow, and profitability, to secure your long-term success.

Your business finacial plan service includes:

    Confidence in your business's long-term financial direction
    Help with identifying and securing financial resources
    Business credit building and repair to access more capital
    Cost-saving measures and recommendations
    Security in your business's pricing strategy
➤    Financial empowerment training and workshops
➤    Market analysis and insight to enhance income profitability

You'll also get:

➤    Regular communication with the project team
➤    24/7 access to track the progress of your project
➤    King's Royalty Points to save on future services
➤    90-Day Growth Guarantee or your investment back

kings dream business consulting and management services

Ready to begin?

Book a 30-minute consultation and discover what our team can do to help grow or launch your brand.

About Us

The nation's only neighborhood business consulting and management firm.

Established in 2019, King's Dream Business Consulting was formed as a direct response to Seattle's ballooning gentrification and displacement of its diverse business districts. Today, KDBC helps small business owners and non-profits nationwide expand their capacity, earn more income, and reach new heights.


Need monthly flexibility?

Pick the plan that's right for your budget.

  • ESSENTIALS x Business Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for new entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 5 hours of one-on-one business coaching (15 hours total)
    • 24/7 Access to cloud-based project management system
    • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • EMPOWER x Business Coaching

    Every month
    Get all the coaching you need with no monthly commitment.
    • 10 hours of one-on-one business coaching
    • 24/7 access to cloud-based project management system
    • 🥇Project Priority: Priority communication and completion
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