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How it works

The Neighborhood Business Consulting Approach.

1. Discovery

After scheduling a Discovery Consultation with a small business consultant, you will receive an automated email and reminder 24 hours before your sessions begins.

During the 30-minute Discovery, the business consultant will ask basic questions about the condition of your business, your vision for the company, potential deadlines, and any obstacles preventing your business from growing.

2. Proposal

Now that you have met with a small business consultant and discussed your business's growth obstacles, we can begin proposing solutions!

You will receive an interactive and responsive electronic proposal to your email that includes project descriptions, timelines for completion, and your investment.

Our proposals are personalized to fit your unique goals and budget.

If the proposal you receive does not meet your standards or does not fit your budget, please inform us. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied and confident in your investment with King's Dream Business Consulting.


Now you can sign, download, or print your Consulting Agreement.

3. Launch

Let's get started!

You will receive an electronic invoice with the agreed-upon terms and we will contact you to schedule a Project Launch meeting to begin your business consulting and management services.

King's Dream will provide you with a link to a cloud-based project management board where you can track project progress, communicate with your project team, and share files anytime.

We will schedule remote check-in meetings based on your availability and timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our clients' frequently asked questions below.


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