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Pups in The City: Full Brand & Identity Refresh

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Launching a new subscription model business is a huge undertaking! Especially for small Minority business owners with limited capital. Learn more about how Puppy City was transformed into City Pup by leveraging all available resources and creative solutions.

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Hear how King's Dream Business Consulting empowered two local Seattle women business owners on a mission to reduce the carbon "pawprint" and provide curated organic dog consumables and eco-friendly toys.

The deliverables.

Brand Development & Transformation

Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Creation, Competitive Analysis, Brand Research, Social Media Management, Mission Statement, Persona Development, Brand Guidelines, Advertisement Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Content Writing, Copywriting, Product Development


Six months

The problem.

After a year of no sales for their subscription dog box, they reached out to our team of specialists for out-of-the-box solutions (pun intended).

This particular client came to me with an existing website and logo. Unfortunately, the logo and website were not penetrating the owner's target market personas.

After a year of no sales for their subscription dog box, they reached out to our team of specialists for out-of-the-box solutions (pun intended). The internet's business's branding lacked a personal touch, user-generated content, an engaging theme, and an aesthetic that resonates with the country's eco-friendly, savvy, dog-owning community.

Launching a new subscription business is no small feat! The subscription business model s a recurring revenue model in which customers pay a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee in exchange for your products or services. If done correctly, the subscription model allows owners to leverage customer relationships to create residual monthly income. However, it is essential to note that subscription model businesses are capital-intensive and require ninja-like precision to accurately predict trends and purchase sufficient inventory.

small business consulting


The solution.

Brand Development

To create a successful social media presence, website overhaul, and brand strategy, we met with the owners biweekly to discuss previous campaigns to avoid duplicate efforts. After these extensive meetings, our marketing consultants were able to map out and design brand-new marketing materials and optics utterly responsive to the client's newly redefined market segments. The company needed a new name;

The company needed a new name; Puppy City wasn't screaming "eco-friendly".

and was not grabbing audiences- so we proposed a name change (a decision we don't take lightly) to City Pup, and the slogan "eco-friendly toys, treats & accessories for your City Pup" was born! Of course, changing a business's name involves more than simply referring to the new name. We purchased the domains and emails and instructed the owners to file the DBA.

After strengthening the mission and vision statements, City Pup (formerly Puppy City) was now complete with a new site theme, typefaces, brand colors, marketing material, product development, SEM/SEO campaign, social media management, and, more importantly- budding online community sure to add convenience and sustainability to dog owners from all walks and furs alike across the country.

Strategic Partnerships.

Now that the brand's positioning was elevated, it was time to leverage strategic partnerships to gain market share. City Pup had the challenge of achieving market penetration against one of the country's most successful subscription companies in history, Bark Box. The unique value proposition of City Pup was in its hyper-localization and the fact that there are more pet owners in Seattle than parents (so that tells you all you need to know about the cost of living 😅).

King's Dream's marketers went to work prospecting and contacting local private-owned dog shelters, doggie daycares, and dog businesses interested in affiliating.

Our consultants were able to broker the company's first influencer deals with prominent dog accounts on social media to boost the earned media exposure and garner the credibility we needed to show proof of concept.

We were unaware that this would also lead to the first few sales for the company! A community was forming, and we capitalized on this opportunity to broker a deal with a local dog rescue to provide products they could use in their adoption kits for new dog owners.

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