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Sharon Maxwell, A Portland Trailblazer: Website Design

Designing a website that is informative and engaging is not easy! Learn how King's Dream redesigned Bratton Construction's website to connect more effectively with viewers and give a strong first impression to potential clients.

kings dream business consulting website design

Hear how King's Dream Business Consulting empowered Portalandia pioneer Sharon Maxwell of Bratton Construction during the apex of the pandemic to reposition the firm online.

The Deliverables.

Website Redesign. Website Development. Site Navigation. Content Management. Troubleshooting.

Timeline: Two Months

The Client.

When you think of groundbreaking Black women, you need to think of Sharon Maxwell, Owner and Operator of Bratton Construction.

kings dream business consulting and sharon maxwell

Maxwell has since dedicated her professional and personal life to helping women and communities of color transform and grow in the general construction industry. Maxwell prevailed in a traditionally male-dominated industry, earning the following certifications: MWESB, DBE, WBE, MBE, ESB, and WOSB.

Now operating out of Oregon, Washington, California, and Tennessee, Bratton Construction Company has hired over 200 people from local markets and funded resources encouraging professionals to learn a skill and be among the laudable men and women of color who build our cities and improve our lives daily. Sharon is a trailblazer, a pioneer, a bridge-builder, an advocate, and a mentor to many.

In an interview with KGW news, Maxwell explains, "I am one of less than a handful of African American women in the Northwest who has a general contracting and specialty firm... So many people believe that we don't even belong within the industry, that it's not for us." Sharon Maxwell and Bratton Construction are proving those people wrong.

Not only has Sharon Maxwell catapulted her construction company to success in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men (more specifically, White men), but she has used that success to provide skill-building opportunities and living wage jobs to local people of color.

Bratton Construction now serves as a lifeline in Black communities throughout Oregon, Washington, Southern California, and Tennessee.

Blazing trails isn't easy, though. It's especially difficult when you're navigating a pandemic. But where others see obstacles, Sharon Maxwell finds opportunities. When the pandemic hit, Maxwell noticed that government funding for construction was on the rise. As she explains in the Portland Business Journal, "I saw how there were all these public works contracts that were happening at the time, and I said, 'Oh, this is how we make more money and hire more people from the community.'"

Like many other small Black-owned businesses in America, Maxwell has been frequently denied outside funding that could propel the Company. And like many small Black businesses, she also faced the need to adjust quickly to the demands COVID-19 presented. Sharon Maxwell and Bratton Construction needed support from a consulting and management firm that understood the challenges that Black-owned businesses face regularly and those brought on by the pandemic. That's why she hired King's Dream Consulting.

kings dream business consulting website design service

Bratton Construction has completed over 85 construction projects across various urban communities.

King's Dream Website Design.

Sharon Maxwell stands out in the construction field and her communities. Her Website didn't. As the pandemic pushed more businesses into virtual interactions, it was apparent that Bratton Construction's Website would need a complete overhaul to succeed.

The Website wasn't engaging with its users, showcasing the Company's prior successes, or generating new contracts effectively. It needed to be redesigned in a way that allowed the Company to connect with its visitors and show potential clients why Bratton Construction is the best choice in the construction business.

King's Dream Consulting provides minority-owned companies with vital modernization, technical assistance, and business consulting services. Hearing about Batton Construction's needs, the team came up with a packaged plan to help assist them with their Website's functionality:

A. Website and mobile site design updates

B. Unlimited revisions within the project scope and timeline

C. Troubleshooting and suggestions for continued improvement

D. Client provides media; the Company implements the design

The Solutions.

Consultants at King's Dream quickly realized Bratton Construction's Website needed a complete redesign. The site was static, unengaging, and wasn't designed to evoke a response from the viewer. It also failed to showcase Sharon Maxwell and the incredible accomplishments that she and Bratton Construction had achieved.

King's Dream Consultants knew that the key to Bratton Construction's success during and after the pandemic would be a factor not always associated with the construction business: their customer's feelings.

To increase engagement, influence conversion, and make the experience more enjoyable,

King's Dream wanted the viewers of Bratton Construction's Website to feel like they were engaging with something special.

Visitors to a website are twice as likely to engage with interactive content than static content. 88% of marketers say that interactive design helps companies with differentiating their brands.

Accordingly, consultants Jawan and Zaida prioritized making the site visually evocative and interactive. More than just knowing Bratton Construction is a Black-owned business, they wanted visitors to feel the impact, excitement, and importance of the Company's work in the field and the Black community.

The redesign included multiple interactive components that drew visitors in and encouraged them to learn more about Sharon Maxwell, Bratton Construction, and their work. Jawan and Zaida also reorganized the site to include pages that showcased Maxwell's strong media presence.

By creating an interactive "Projects" page, King's Dream was able to give the Company a dedicated space to show off its best work. This page was also designed to give potential clients a solid first impression of Bratton Construction's capabilities. Creating a separate portfolio for Bratton Construction's projects also freed up space on the main page, making it more inviting and less overwhelming for its visitors.

A "Press" page was also created to highlight the media presence that Sharon Maxwell had secured for Bratton Construction specifically and Black businesses in general. This page allows Maxwell's expertise in construction and Black entrepreneurship to shine and provides a strong point of reference for brand resonance. The results were phenomenal.

Media Gallery.

Are you wondering how to make your Website more interactive, informative, and engaging? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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